Close-Up Magician

Close-Up Magician
"An honest trickster"


Illuscination Show Table

A large customised Card Table, with spot lights, pa system, microphone and sparkling backdrop. One or more of our team of experts can be booked to entertain your guests with a mixture of lying, cheating, swindling, trickery, mindreading, scams and cons to entertain and mystify. Sleight of hand done right under their noses – with no camera tricks!

The Card Table lends itself to performing a greater variety of sleight of hand where the magician has more scope to use different props than he would normally use on a walkabout basis.

A large screen monitor can be included to display your wedding photos or advertise your business. For corporate functions your name/event/product will be promoted. Background party music can be played during intervals.

An interactive form of entertainment with plenty of audience participation and comedy, when all blended together will delight and amaze.

Perfect for corporate and promotional events, college balls, team building, wedding receptions, fun days, magic teach-in workshops etc.

For that 'sleightly' unique experience – book the Illuscination Table!